Eco Chic Solutions. Exquisitely-crafted fashionable items made from eco-responsible natural materials

A Bagful of Hope

Every Frangia bag represents hope for the crafts people from the village where the bag was made.

Frangia is proud to present a unique range of eco-friendly products made from recycled materials by disadvantaged communities from around the world who, by the creation and selling of these wonderful products, are securing a better future for themselves, their children and our shared environment.

One such community is a traditional village in Bantul, just outside of Yogyakarta, Central Java, in Indonesia. An earthquake-prone area, Bantul was devastated in the 2005 earthquake that saw thousands of casualties and large parts of the surrounding area flattened.

The Javanese are renowned for their life philosophy that enables them to work with – and not against – nature, taking stride in both the good and the bad that mother nature throws at them. Such admirable approach to life enabled the communities to rebuild their villages and lives. The Island of Java is home to the largest concentration of active volcanoes in the world, in the epicenter of “the Ring of Fire”.

The communities banded together in search of sustainable income, using their artisanal traditions of making handicrafts. Using only natural materials, and making do with the limited resources they had in the aftermath of the natural disaster, rebuilding their lives – one handcrafted bag at a time.

Frangia’s mission is to become the conduit, mouthpiece and messenger to these “hard as nails” communities, from whom we gain so much to learn. Providing them with access to international market, to ensure that their small-scale businesses can run, is the best strategy to help them help themselves.

A simple workshop that channels so much pride. Seamstresses putting the finishing touches. Raw materials, awaiting transformation.
Components are dried out in the sun. Ready for the next step. A workshop built of locally-sourced natural materials. Awaiting the global eco-conscious fashionistas.
Craftsmanship have deep roots in the cultural landscape. Communities banding together for joint solutions. A selection of semi-finished bag components.
Pandanus leaf straw mat, a common material for crafts. “Becak” pedicab. The original zero-carbon footprint mode of transport. Men working on the more physically-demanding production aspects.
Local “fast food joint”. Rattan bag components. Locally-sourced materials, virtually no import content.
Because moving goods around need not harm the planet. As they say… “the Devil’s in the Details”. “Green components”, minimal treatment.

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