Eco Chic Solutions. Exquisitely-crafted fashionable items made from eco-responsible natural materials

Our Philosophy



S I M P L E    |    S I N C E R E    |   S E R E N E


Arguably, we all like nice things. Women probably have an upper hand than our opposite gender, and our need to stay fashionably current, is a prerequisite few will dispute. Additionally, environmental-consciousness is at an all-time high, adopting a green lifestyle is no longer an option, but a must where each individual does his/her part to make a difference, regardless how small.

Our journey began with two simple questions: “How?” and “Why Not?”

  • How can our buying decisions bring a positive impact to the People (and their communities) that make the product, and the environment where the raw materials come from?
  • Can sustainability be translated into stylish creations, that are not only trendy but include a “feel good factor?” Why not adopt a social mission and give back to the communities and the environment that we exploit?

And thus began our quest to seek a balance between business, people and the environment. And Frangia was conceived.

Frangia adheres to the triple-bottom-line principles and that all businesses should have positive financial, social, and environmental impact. We call it the “3 P’s” philosophy; Profitable ventures that empower People and embrace sustainable practices to help reduce impact on our Planet.

We take our green philosophy further and translate it into actionable steps that we call the “3 E’s”.

PROFIT Empower the local economy, to bring about a multiplier effect to improve people’s welfare. Serve as the “enabler” and “communicator” for communities and their work.
PEOPLE Engage the community, sustain people’s culture and their living heritage of artisan techniques that have been passed down through generations. Adopt a “give back” component in the business model.
PLANET Embrace sustainable practices, to lessen the burden on the planet, and help conserve scarce natural resources. Adopt a “give back” component in the business model.

Frangia presents a collection of exquisitely-crafted fashionable items made from natural materials, ethically produced in sustainable communities. Partial sales proceeds are donated to help support children’s educational causes.

Handcrafted fashionable pieces that empowers the craftsmen in developing countries to keep the local economy moving, keep children in school, and help conserve the environment it touches.


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