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Discarded 2 Desired | Exquisite jewelry made of trash

By Dian Hasan | November 21, 2010

What separates us from designers or anyone with a good eye for design, is their ability to look beyond the obvious and turn a daily object into a work of art! And when you combine this knack with an eco-consciousness, the result is amazing. Creations that soar as far as the imagination.

What others consider as trash, waste, garbage or simply junk, they see as a palette of design potential!

Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder!

What happens after you consume your soft drink? The aluminum cap is probably the first you’d throw away. Not so fast. Israel-based design firm, Kotik, transforms the caps into exquisite jewelry. You wouldn’t know at first sight. What brands did you notice. Check below to see what you might’ve missed.

Inspiration: Say Hi to Design


Trash 2 Treasure | Recycled newspaper bags

By Dian Hasan | September 20, 2010

“One’s Trash is another one’s Treasure” is an old adage that drives the sustainable fashion movement. Designers from all corners of the globe are taking a stab at a hot new area of fashion, working with trash, recycled and repurposed materials. It has even earned a new name: TRASHION! The creations and use of material is just as mind boggling.

The transformation from “trash” to “eco chic” is amazing. Here’s a look the after life of old newspapers, as seen through Ecoist.

Yesterday’s newspaper is today’s fashion statement. Handbags made of newspaper, origin: Brazil. The Daily Newspaper [Center] and The Sun [right]