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Grassroots Innovation | Abject Project, LA ~ design as a gamechanger

Abject Object is a design enterprise that supports homeless individuals and shelters through the design, production, and sale of retail accessories made from reclaimed materials. A hands-on rather than handout model for social and economic empowerment, Abject Object teaches valuable job skills including sewing, production, and business strategies, to homeless individuals.

The Los Angeles team of Project H partnered with the Downtown Women’s Center, a shelter in central Los Angeles, to develop four retail products that could be made using basic sewing skills, and whose function would have retail marketability, as well as tell stories about the women who made them.

The design team and women from Downtown Women’s Center worked side by side for three months on the development and prototyping of four products, each with a double-function:

1. A Bag that transforms into a hammock,

2. A “pocket scarf” that can be used as storage,

3. A hood garment that doubles as a tote bag, and

4. A cloth mat whose pieces can be used as pot-holders.

All materials were scavenged or donated, and included recycled bike inner tubes, parachutes, donated clothing, and rope. The sale and proceeds of all four products, which will be sold through local and online retailers, go back directly to the individual who made the item, and the shelter.

Using the Downtown Women’s Center as a first client, the team has now developed a manual, user guide, training program, and resource kit for additional shelters in the area to launch their own in-house Abject Object enterprises.

Inspiration: Project H Design


International Humanitarian Organizations and their work ~ EDF, Thailand

Just to put things into perspective, and look at the names in the area of humanitarian work around the world, I thought it’d be useful to present the many different organizations and their good work. And most notably how they reach out to promote their cause and spread the word.

This is Thailand-based EDF, The  Education for  Development Foundation.

Their Mission:

Poverty means not just a lack of money but a lack of opportunities. Many children have to leave school and find their way in the workforce in order to support their families. Without proper education, the quality of rural human resources will be less competitive in the future.


Bangkok, Thailand

Their Projects:

  • Scholarship Programs
  • Development Projects
  • Disabled Children Projects
  • Emergency relief project
  • Special Projects
  • Cross – National Project
  • International School Project
  • International Projects

How You Can Help:

There are many different ways you can help, and monetary is not the only means:

  • Scholarship Donation
  • Development and Emergency Relief Project Fund
  • Become an EDF Corporate Partner
  • Voluntary Service
  • EDF newsletter and online membership
  • PR for EDF
  • EDF Charity New Year Cards
  • All-year-round Present Campaign
  • Link to us
  • Donation Box / Leaflet Stand

To learn more about this organization, click here.