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Discarded 2 Desired | Transforming trash into tasteful art

By Dian Hasan | October 5, 2010

What separates us from designers or anyone with a good eye for design, is their ability to look beyond the obvious and turn a daily object into a work of art! And when you combine this knack with an eco-consciousness, the result is amazing. Creations that soar as far as the imagination.

What others consider as trash, waste, garbage or simply junk, they see as a palette of design potential!

Here’s a look at what happens to trash, and how it’s  transformed into tasteful home decor items. Courtesy of talented South African artist, Heath Nash.

Heath Nash is a sculptor living in Cape Town who has made his name by creating functional art from rubbish. Read the story of how Nash started working with waste material creating ranges such as Other People’s Rubbish as “a possible form of future upliftment for a country in desperate need of employment opportunities, and as a way to promote the idea of recycling to a very unaware SouthAfrican public”

Nash graduated from Cape Town University with a degree in sculpture transforms trash into treasure. A crusader of recycling, Nash finds and creates beauty in unlikely places. Collecting and using plastic bottles, caps and other discarded materials, Nash and his team creates funky lampshades and other lifestyle products. He also employs local artisans and crafts people, creating a local industry that generates income for people, revives traditional craft methods while infusing a contemporary element. Recently, Nash was nominated to represent South Africa as a young design entrepreneur for the British Council’s young design entrepreneur award in England.

Flowerdrum-white, Bottleformball and Milkbase Drum recycled plastic bottle pendant light fixtures.

Flowerball-multicolor-medium, Pod and Flowerball-pink-small recycled plastic bottle pendant light fixtures.

Inspiration: Design in Africa


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