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Discarded 2 Desired | Repurposed old tires

By Dian Hasan | October 5, 2010

What separates us from designers or anyone with a good eye for design, is their ability to look beyond the obvious and turn a daily object into a work of art! And when you combine this knack with an eco-consciousness, the result is amazing. Creations that soar as far as the imagination.

What others consider as trash, waste, garbage or simply junk, they see as a palette of design potential!

Here’s a look at what happens to discarded tires. Transformed into modern furniture pieces. From the minds of South Africa-based Tyred. One appropriate name indeed!

We make Sustainable, Lifestyle Furniture from the used mass amounts of tyres that have accumulated into towers of unusable waste. We managed to turn them into something chic and enjoyable, fun and durable. ~ Tyred Furniture

By repurposing old tires, Tyred creates custom designed chairs, ottomans and tables that can be used indoors and outdoors. Using various materials from foam and leather to canvas and wood, means that each furniture piece can be customized to specific needs. While helping the environment, Tyred is also making a social impact by only employing men with families and attest to hiring more men as the need arises.

Inspiration: Design in Africa


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