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Trash 2 Treasure | Repurposed toilet plunger

By Dian Hasan | September 30, 2010

Ok, most of you will immediately think: NO WAY! This idea is way too far-fetched and gross. But let me put it into perspective first: I’m in no way suggesting that you should recycle and repurpose a former toilet plunger, although you’d be surprised how many items city dumps have been brought back to life, including those that serves our most intimate daily needs, like plungers, condoms (yes those too!), and discarded diapers. The latter of course (let’s hope) were not recycled in any way, but merely “rubbed shoulders” with other material in city dumps!!

Which leads me to this nifty idea of “turning trash into treasure”: toilet plungers repurposed into modern lamps. Mind you, these plungers are not of the “used” kind, but newly bought  and just modified as lamps. Here’s how a New Jersey-based industrial designer Michael Andrulewich reconfigured a common household black rubber plunger with an electrical socket and then added an accordion style plunger on top to act as a shade.

Inspiration: Grassroots Modern


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