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Discarded 2 Desired | Repurposed clothes hangers

By Dian Hasan | September 28, 2010

What separates us from designers or anyone with a good eye for design, is their ability to look beyond the obvious and turn a daily object into a work of art! And when you combine this knack with an eco-consciousness, the result is amazing. Creations that soar as far as the imagination.

What others consider as trash, waste, garbage or simply junk, they see as a palette of design potential!

Here’s a look at what happens to discarded clothes hangers. Transformed into modern chandeliers, aptly named Hangeliers, made from clothes hangers and bicycle rims. From the minds of Vancouver, BC-based Organelle Design.

… waste is the most abundant local resource our cities have to offer. Often free or inexpensive, waste is a seemingly endless supply, always providing new and exciting design possibilities. ~ Alex Witko & Courtney Hunt, Organelle Design Founders


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