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Trash 2 Treasure | Repurposed plastic handbags, Plastic Bombastix, Bali

By Dian Hasan | September 22, 2010

“One’s person’s trash is another person’s treasure”
is an old adage that drives the sustainable fashion movement. Designers from all corners of the globe are taking a stab at a hot new area of fashion, working with trash, recycled and repurposed materials. It has even earned a new name: TRASHION! The creations and use of material is just as mind boggling.

Bombastic Plastix is a small Bali-based company that makes bags, wallets and other accessories from repurposed plastic shopping bags. All the products are made by directly reforming HDPE plastic shopping bags into a fabric instead of them being put into the longer process of recycling.

It all started when the company’s American founder, Sam Miller was travelling through Bolivia. He saw a chain link fence that caught trash like a giant fishing net. “I looked at that fence and thought one thing ‘there must be something you can do with those things,'” he says. A decade later, with the help of his partner Balinese Niluh Indrawati, he founded Bombastic Plastix.


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