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Trash 2 Treasure | Repurposed airline seat covers

By Dian Hasan | September 22, 2010

“One’s person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is an old adage that drives the sustainable fashion movement. Designers from all corners of the globe are taking a stab at a hot new area of fashion, working with trash, recycled and repurposed materials. It has even earned a new name: TRASHION! The creations and use of material is just as mind boggling.

Because of FAA regulations, seat covers can not be used after 9 washings because they lose their fire retardant quality. So the covers we recieve are in excellent condition. ~ Matt Mahler, Tierra Ideas Founder

The transformation from “trash” to “eco chic” can be quite amazing. Here’s a look at repurposed airline seat upholstery, airline and car seat belts, and tractor tire inner tube. At first glance they seem like such random items… mix them up with a little imagination… and poof! A line of smart-looking functional bags from Raleigh, North Carolina-based, Tierra Ideas.

Checker Messenger Bag $219, [L], Shakori Black Purse $45 [Center] Piedmont Messenger Bag $219 [R], are all made from a combination of recycled bike inner tubes, tractor inner tubes, airline seat covers and car or airline seat belt as shoulder strap.

Tierra Ideas is the brainchild of Artist Matt Mahler, who not only creates inventive bag and accessories designs, but also collaborates and educates companies and suppliers to help them reduce waste and become advocates of eco-friendliness. Tierra Ideas’ partners from this collaboration is growing steadily, and companies can choose to participate in a number of different ways:

  • Work jointly on uses for the recycled materials
  • Work jointly on designs
  • Assist in documenting the reduction in pollutants
  • Provide Marketing Support to promote the benefits
  • Find and/or work with Charitable Organizations selected by the Supplier

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