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Nature Needs Heroes, a cheeky campaign to promote recycling

By Dian Hasan | September 22, 2010

Timberland, the US brand synonymous with outdoor active lifestyle that celebrates ruggedness, is already closely associated with enjoying nature. Maybe not always in an eco-responsible way, so the New Hampshire-based company came up with an ad campaign that pokes fun at just how far an “eco-lover” would go to save the planet from one more trash item. In this case it’s a empty plastic water bottle. Watch it! It’s both inspiring and humorous. Let’s hope Timberland’s message gets across… and of course you’d want to do all the “water bottle chasing while maneuvering through the treacherous terrain” in Timberland boots and attire!!

Timberland’s new “Nature Needs Heroes” TVC campaign to promote their new Earthkeepers eco-friendly line of footwear.

Inspiration: Timberland’s Earthkeeper Blog


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