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Trash to Treasure | Inner tube bags

By Dian Hasan | September 20, 2010

“One’s Trash is another one’s Treasure” is an old adage that drives the sustainable fashion movement. Designers from all corners of the globe are taking a stab at a hot new area of fashion, working with trash, recycled and repurposed materials. It has even earned a new name: TRASHION! The creations and use of material is just as mind boggling.

The transformation from “trash” to “eco chic” is amazing. Here’s a look the after life of car seat belts, as seen through Florence, Italy-based 959.

Please unfasten your seat belt! Seat belts can save your fashion life. Check out the various models.

Italian company 959 is recycling seatbelts into classic looking bags (if you don’t mind the big buckle). Using 70% or more recycled materials, the woven polyester belts make a strong statment as well as a durable bag. The production process consists of five steps.

1. Fabric research (gathering seatbelts and buckles at the car wreckers)

2. Washing and hygiene

3. Belt cutting

4. Stitching (assembly)

5. Packaging (box)


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