Eco Chic Solutions. Exquisitely-crafted fashionable items made from eco-responsible natural materials

Sustainable Fashion ~ Re:Modern

We are all well aware that it’s hip to take care of the environment, adapting a green lifestyle and doing our part, no matter how small. Making more conscious choices we make; what we eat, how we shop, and what we wear.  The latter is probably a greater challenge for fashionistas who always strive to stay ahead of the trend curve.

The growing awareness of eco-chic is giving impetus for a slew of green designers and fashion labels, who are raising the style bar, re-imagining creations made of recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials.

Helping reduce landfill waste, and reduce our footprint by being eco-chic never looked so cool!

Re:Modern features an Eco-Messenger Bag (under $50) made from recycled feed and rice bags from Southeast Asia according to fair-trade practices. You can also get a recycled seat belt wallet ($20) and recycled seat belt tote bag (under $50).


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