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Alleviating poverty, one educated girl in a remote community at a time

This is a moving story that at times reads like a thriller. It’s easy to forget that it’s a story of one man’s campaign to build schools in the most dangerous, remote and anti-American areas of Asia. That man is Greg Mortenson and the book is “Three Cups of Teas”. Truly inspiring.

Greg Mortenson is the co-founder and Executive Director of nonprofit Central Asia Institute.
Since a 1993 climb on Pakistan’s K2, he has dedicated his life to promote community-based education and literacy programs, especially for girls, in remote mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Many climbers have passed through the same areas of Pakistan as Mortenson, and made promises to the local people – to help them in some way or another; but the difference between Greg and so many others is that he followed through. He didn’t set out to be a hero, he didn’t even set out to ‘make a difference’ – he just set out to fulfill a promise that would have been so easy to forget.

He is also the author of the new bestseller “Stones into Schools” in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mortenson is a military veteran, and when not overseas, he lives in Montana, USA, with his two children and wife, Dr. Tara Bishop.


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