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Bags made from recycled juice packs

By Dian Hasan | September 14, 2010

They do amazing things in the Philippines with all those discarded portable juice packs people sip on here, there & everywhere!

Enterprising women from a fair trade certified NGO (non-governmental organization) cut recycled juice packs into strips, fold and weave them together to create some very cool stuff!  Under Rebagz brand name, this US-based company presents a line of well-made, vibrant, fashionable and functional handcrafted creations, which also happen to be water-resistant.

And knowing that you’re doing a little part in alleviating our planet’s waste problem is a “feel good” factor that you don’t always get from other bags.

At Organic Bug you can find tousands of nice gifts, clothes, cosmetics, etc. Sustainable, organic, recycled, and handmade items.

Inspiration: Ideas Inspiring Innovation


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