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What is eco & sustainable fashion, anyway? [3]

By Dian Hasan | September 13, 2010

As per my previous post, we’re still discussing Sustainable Fashion and what it really means, and how different it is from regular fashion (is it really that different?) According to Brit Liggett and Jill Fehrenbacher as appeared in Ecouterre:


“I looked up sustainability in the dictionary the other day. And it said that it was about upholding something—giving something credibility. I really think that sustainable fashion is giving the fashion industry credibility, some sustenance.
“The person who is wearing my clothes feels different. The energy that is created from that draws attention and I think they are inspired by them.”

~ Kizzy Jai Knight, the designer behind the Jai and Jai Active Wear labels.Inspiration: Ecouterre


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